This guide is intended to provide a brief introduction to Vogelburg and to help new users situate themselves within the nation. Near the end of the guide information on the server and its plugins is provided.

Vogelburg’s land and international relations

Mainland Vogelburg

Vogelburg is a nation with multiple territories. The mainland of Vogelburg is situated in the southwest quadrant of the world and is surrounded by water. Vogelburg’s other territories are scattered throughout the world.

External territories

Under the Governors of External Territories and Colonies Act 2016 the King is authorised to declare Vogelburg’s claim over land known as ‘external territory’. Each external territory must be appointed a Governor under the Act. The Act grants the Governor the power to create any legislation for the government of the land. Such legislation is known as ‘Governor’s legislation’ and applies to the extent that it is not inconsistent with federal legislation created by the Parliament. All Governor’s legislation is published on the Vogelburg website and must be published to be valid.

If you wish to join an external territory please contact its governor. The current external territories and their governors are as follows—

International relations

Vogelburg is allied with most of the nations immediately surrounding the mainland and maintains contact with many other nearby nations. Vogelburg is in a neutral stance with all other nations on the server and does not have a negative relationship with any nations.

Currently, Vogelburg is in a friendship agreement with Mt Athos and an alliance agreement with Irithyll.

If you are from or have close ties to another nation please inform the Royal Court of this fact so that it may commence diplomatic relations with that nation with the aim of creating friendship with other nations.

Visiting Vogelburg

The mainland island of Vogelburg is located at approximately x -3500 z 600. This island houses the vast majority of citizen’s homes and community buildings. Unless visiting from the southwest quadrant it is strongly advised that you bring multiple boats with you on your journey.

If you are near the underground Persia–Polynesia ice road there is an exit to Vogelburg on this road. Additionally, there is a train track which connects to the Vogelburg station at both Irithyll and Mt Athos.

Settling down in Vogelburg

Becoming a citizen

If you’re not already a citizen of Vogelburg please read the citizenship guide.

For citizens

If you’d like to build a home please feel welcome to do so somewhere along the road. If there’s nowhere available on the current road feel free to extend the road as necessary.

Currently, the build style has been defined as baroque and neoclassical.1 We ask that you attempt to adhere to this style.

Whilst building, please avoid the following—


Near the centre of the mainland island is a large plantation containing wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot and other farmable items. Feel free to harvest any of these farms on the proviso that you replace everything you break.

Items take longer to grow than they do in vanilla. Hit the block where you wish to plant the item to see how long it will take to grow. If you place clay blocks (not hardened clay) underneath the soil the item will grow faster.

If you need wood there are multiple tree farms around the island—

If you wish to farm squid please contact greenthing518.


Immediately adjacent the Church is the Cordelia Quarry. If you wish to mine please do so here. Do not create your own mine under your house. The Quarry is very spacious, extends a vast distance and has many different floors on which you can mine. See also HiddenOre.

Server information

Although this guide has been compiled with diligence it may be incorrect or outdated. In those circumstances please defer to the official wiki.

Where a command is mentioned, [] indicates optional parameters/arguments and <> indicates required parameters.


Spawning: If you do not have your spawn set by a bed you will spawn randomly in the world and generally be forced to walk back thousands of blocks. Once you reach Vogelburg it is highly recommended that you set your spawn immediately. You can set your spawn by right clicking a bed even if it isn’t night time.

Map: The map is a square centred at x 0 z 0. An online version of the map can be found here. Its claims are more frequently updated than its tiles.


Local chat extends to an 800 block radius around where you’re standing. The darker the colour of someone’s message the further away from you they are. If you wish to join a global chat that extends beyond 800 blocks type /nljg ! hi. After this, type /g !.

Once you’re in the Vogelburg group you can type /g Vogelburg to switch to the Vogelburg-only chat. This chat will only be visible to Vogelburg citizens, will show up regardless of distance and will be prefixed with [Vogelburg].

If you wish to restrict your chat to a specific person type /msg <name>. To return to general chat type /e or /g. (These are short for exit and group.)


When you log in, take damage from a player or deal damage to a player you will become ‘tagged’. If you log out whilst you are tagged a ‘phantom’ player will be left behind which can be killed. If killed, this phantom will drop your inventory and you will be forced to respawn when you rejoin the game. Your phantom can also be pearled.


Citadel provides block and chest protection.

There are different reinforcement types of differing difficulty—both to gather the required material and to break into. Type /rein or /ctdl to view a list of the reinforcement types and hover over the items to view their properties. Most higher protections must be made in Factories.

Hit points are the required number of block breaks before the block will actually break. Maturation time is the time before the block will actually become protected and require the numerous breaks.

The words reinforced and protected are synonymous.

Protecting blocks

To protect a block to your private group (which only you have control over) simply hit the block with the protection material in your hand. The material will be consumed and the maturation time will begin counting down.

To protect blocks to a different group type /reinforce <group> or /protect <group> before hitting the blocks with the protection material in your hand. If you’re building a community building, the majority of the building should be protected to the Vogelburg group. To exit protection mode simply type /ctoff or /cto without anything after the command.

If you want the blocks you’re placing to be protected as you place them type /fortify [group] or /ctf [group] whilst you have the protection material sought in your hand. To exit this mode simply type /ctoff or /cto without anything after the command.

Information on block status

To see whether a block is currently protected, the percent it is still protected and other information type /cti or /info and then hit a block. To exit this mode simply type /ctoff or /cto without anything after the command.

Breaking protected blocks

If you wish to break blocks you’ve protected you must enter bypass mode or you will have to endure the hit point requirement. Type /ctb or /bypass and then break blocks normally. There is a percentage chance on each break that the protection material will also be dropped. To exit this mode simply type /ctoff or /cto without anything after the command.


The JukeAlert plugin allows reinforced noteblocks and jukeboxes to provide information about player movement and world interactions. When a noteblock or jukebox is reinforced it becomes a ‘snitch’.

Reinforced jukeboxes save logs which can be viewed later. These logs include when someone—

To view a log, stand within the snitch’s range and type /jainfo. This log is paginated and you can view more pages by typing /jainfo [number].

Reinforced noteblocks don’t save logs but broadcast to chat when somebody walks near the snitch (reinforced jukeboxes do this too).

To name a snitch, stand within the snitch’s range and type /janame <name>. Please do not rename other people’s snitches.

It is recommended that you have at least one jukebox in each building protected to the Vogelburg group so that other citizens can view its warnings.

Exile pearl

Imprisoning someone

If you kill a person while you have an ender pearl in your hotbar the person will be bound to the pearl.

Effect of imprisonment

Whilst pearled a person cannot

If you’re pearled and get stuck, type /suicide and don’t move for 180 seconds to be random spawned.

Broadcasting a pearl’s location

You can broadcast the location of your pearl to a player or a group by saying /ep broadcast <player/group>. If you set this to a player they must accept the broadcast request by typing /ep confirm. A player who is receiving broadcasts may silence them by typing /ep silence <player>. Typing /ep locate will broadcast the location of your pearl to all those who are receiving its broadcasts.

Keeping someone imprisoned

Once you have imprisoned someone you must continually feed their pearl with obsidian.

You can release the person by typing /ep free whilst holding the pearl in your hand.

XP Bottler

To bottle XP simply hit an enchanting table with bottles in your hand.


When you’re mining you’ll notice that there’s a complete lack of any ores. This is intentional to prevent hacking players with xray from gaining a resource advantage.

Mine the stone blocks and there is a random chance that you will receive a random ore drop or random ore spawn. Ore drops are special tiered ores which are used in factories. Ore spawns make n number of the stone surrounding where you broke turn into the ore.

Certain ores spawn at certain y heights. Additionally, it is more preferable to mine a chunk area than to strip mine in a line.


To make a factory place a chest, furnace and crafting table in the following order—

Factory layout.

To use the factory—

  1. Place the items for the recipe you wish to use in the chest.
  2. Hit the crafting table with a stick.
  3. Click the recipe you wish to use.
  4. Hit the furnace with a stick to run the recipe.

To view the types of factories available type /fm. You can also view the recipes in this GUI view.

A list of recipes can be found here though this may become outdated and the /fm command should be preferred.


There is a special process to create alcohol which provides some positive and negative potion effects as well as intoxicating a player. When a player is intoxicated their chat is modified and they can stumble and vomit.

To brew alcohol you need to ferment ingredients, distill the subsequent liquid concotion and then age the drink.

There are many recipes for drinks but they are secrets. Contact other brewers to share recipes.

Although the information below is detailed, more information may be found on the brewery wiki.


  1. Place a cauldron over lava or fire.
  2. Fill the cauldron with water.
  3. Add ingredients to the cauldron by right clicking it with them in your hand.
  4. Wait for the ingredients to ferment.
  5. Fill glass bottles by right clicking the cauldron with them in your hand.

You can check how long ingredients have been fermenting by right clicking the cauldron with a clock in your hand.


  1. Place the bottle with the liquid concotion into a brewing stand.
  2. Place a glowstone dust in the brewing stand.
    • The dust will be used as a filter.
    • The dust won’t be consumed.


You can age distilled bottles in a barrel. Barrels are built as follows—

Small barrel:

Small barrel

Note that you must also place a sign on the lower right of the barrel which says “Barrel” on the first line.

Big barrel:

Big barrel

You may remove the sign from a big barrel after you receive a “Barrel created” message in chat.


You can make a ‘shop’ in a chest with ItemExchange. You must create an input rule and an output rule.

Input rule: Whilst holding a stone button type /iec input <block id> <amount>. This will require a customer to provide <amount> of <block id> to use the shop.

Output rule: Whilst holdinga stone button type /iec output <block id> <amount>. This will give a customer <amount> of <block id> when they use the shop.

Place both these buttons in a chest and it will now function as a shop. It is recommended that you reinforce the chest to prevent people from gaining access to it and just taking the items.

You’ll need to keep watching the chest so that you can restore the items to it as they are sold.

A list of block ids can be found here.


  1. See NOTI/3/Sep/16 — “The general theme of architecture will be baroque/neoclassical”.